Reciprocal Admissions Options

In certain cases, a degree-seeking student may be allowed to attend another institution to obtain courses if the courses are not available at Athens State, particularly when the course unavailability might cause an undue delay in the student’s ability to complete their degree.

Athens State Transient Students

An Athens State student in good standing may request to enroll in a course at another college or university when Athens State courses are not available. Athens State transient students must:

  • Complete a Transient Letter (Letter of Good Standing) form
  • Have official transcripts of transient coursework completed sent directly to the Office of Admissions at least 10 weeks prior to the projected date of graduation.

Students cannot apply for transient student status during their first or last semester at Athens State. After achieving junior status or completion of 64 semester hours, a student may not transfer credit for courses taken at a community college except by prior written permission from the academic advisor or through the SIR program (see below).

Visiting Students Program

Athens State University participates in a Visiting Students Program with the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama A&M University, and Oakwood College. Only full-time Athens State students in good standing are eligible to participate in the program, and students may take only one course at a participating institution per semester. Requests to participate in the program must be made directly to the Office of Admissions during regular registration. To participate in the program, an Athens State student must also obtain written approval from the faculty advisor for the course to be taken, documenting that the course is needed to complete degree requirements and that the course is not available at Athens State during the semester the course is needed. Students cannot participate in the program during their final semester at Athens State.

Special Instructional Request (SIR) Program

Athens State University and Calhoun Community College cooperate in a Special Instructional Request (SIR) program by which students can attend Calhoun to complete courses needed to meet the General Education requirements for a degree program.  Grades are reported to the Athens State University Records Office and recorded on the student’s Athens State University transcript.

To participate in this program, an Athens State student must:

  • Submit the Special Instructional Request form to Athens State University’s Admissions Office by the due date.
  • Be enrolling in a Calhoun course required in the General Education Requirements (Areas I-V) mandatory for the Bachelor’s Degree program.
  • Pay Athens State tuition for the SIR course.
  • Notify Athens State Admissions office if planning to drop/withdraw.

To receive funding for the course, student must inform their instructor from Calhoun Community College to confirm their attendance/participation via email to by the end of the second week of class.

Please note:  SIR classes are not counted as senior level credit.  Students are not permitted to participate in the SIR program during their final semester at Athens State.  Students participating in the SIR program are not allowed to take Calhoun courses below the 100 level or courses that are only for the purpose of obtaining an Associate’s Degree.  Athens State University students are considered visiting students under the SIR program and are placed in Calhoun courses only after all Calhoun students are placed.

If you have any questions, please call the Admissions Office at 256-233-8130.

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