Please refer to the Important Dates for specific semester:

Last date for a refund
Last day to withdraw

Withdrawal policies are strictly enforced.


  1. Online
  2. In person
  3. By mail
  4. By fax
  5. By sending an

Please be sure that you carbon copy your instructor’s email address in the “CC” box. Please include the following information in your withdrawal request:

  1. Student name
  2. Student ID Number
  3. Semester/Term from which you are dropping or withdrawing
  4. Course Prefix and Number, and the CRN (Course Reference Number) of all courses that are being withdrawn from or dropped.
  5. Instructor(s) Email Address placed in the “CC” Box

Please note the last day to withdraw in the schedule or you can view Important Dates for each semester.

NO WITHDRAWALS will be processed after this date.

Withdrawal from Courses Policy
Refund Policy
Impact of Withdrawal on Financial Aid