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The Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab seeks to successfully reinforce mathematics and computer science concepts taught in Athens State University mathematics and computer science classes so that students’ confidences in their mathematics and computer programming abilities are realized and their competency elevated. The knowledgeable, professional and courteous employees of the Athens State Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab provide a supportive environment that is designed to meet the mathematics and computer programming learning needs of all students enrolled in Athens State mathematics computer programming related courses. The Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab employees facilitate this by:

  • offering individual or small-group tutorials
  • providing access to technology, such as computers with mathematics software and Internet access, DVD’s or other audio-video systems of supplemental instruction
  • providing access to reference materials.

The Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab operates during the day and some evenings to accommodate the diverse population of the university.

Lab Impact on Distance Learning Students
The employees of the Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab are committed to supplementing the mathematics and computer science program of instruction for all students enrolled in mathematics and computer programming related classes at Athens State University and this includes students enrolled in the specific distance learning mathematics and computer programming related courses offered each year by Athens State. Any student enrolled in a distance learning mathematics or computer programming related class may visit the Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab during regularly scheduled day or evening hours to receive personal tutoring, watch or check out mathematics DVD’s or take advantage of available printed resources. In addition to visiting the campus for assistance, students enrolled in distance learning mathematics classes are encouraged to contact the Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab during posted hours of operation to receive verbal assistance via the telephone. These hours of operation are distributed via e-mail to all faculty, staff and students at the beginning of each academic term. The Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab is located in Waters Hall, Room S-300. Employees of the Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab may be reached by telephone at (256) 233-6547.

Summer 2017 Lab Hours of Operation

Monday, May 22 through Monday, July 31, 2017
Monday10 am to 6 pm
Tuesday10 am to 9 pm
Wednesday10 am to 9 pm
Thursday10 am to 6 pm
Friday10 am to 2 pm

Student Working Hours

Location: Waters Hall Room S-300 and S-301
Phone: (256)233-6547

Detailed Information about the Mathematics and Elementary Computer Programming (MECP) Lab

Mathematics and Mathematics Education majors provide tutoring and general assistance for 300 level mathematics courses, mathematics courses taken through the SIR program at Calhoun Community College, and a limited number of 400 level mathematics courses. Let Dustin, Elizabeth, Ilish, Taylor and Luke help you by providing courteous and knowledgeable service at the Math C/S Lab this semester. Antonio is available to offer assistance with biology. In addition to mathematics assistance, please each of these majors to assist you with your CS 317/318 programming needs. (C++ programming help is available on a limited basis. There are some upper level courses for which assistance can be sought, but contact the Lab or visit the Lab Website for specific time slots for programming help.) Although Lab employees CANNOT assist with completion of graded assessments, quizzes or tests, they CAN provide tutoring in specific topics. The Lab offers these benefits and more:

  • Limited number of computers with Internet connection for research and work
  • A pleasant environment conducive to studying mathematics (feel free to drop by to do your math homework or computer programming assignments even if you have no specific questions or no need for tutoring)
  • Comprehensive library of support texts and workbooks for mathematics and computer science
  • Modest library of VHS video tapes containing topics from many of the math courses we offer at Athens State; we have a comprehensive set of new VHS tapes available for checkout for MA 331, Applied Statistics and Probability
  • DVD’s are available for the following subjects:
    • MA 301-302: Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry
    • MA 303-305: Calculus I, II, III
    • MA 309: Business Calculus
    • MA 314: College Geometry
    • MA 331: Applied Probability and Statistics
  • Evening hours are generally available Monday through Thursday, but exceptions occur depending upon staff availability.
  • Tutorial assistance is available by phone or electronically by e-mail
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