Behavioral Science

This program is designed for the student who ultimately aspires to work in the area of mental health, social work, counseling, or substance abuse. It provides students the flexibility of being able to enter the work force immediately upon graduation or to enter a master’s degree program in counseling or social work. The program provides a solid foundation of he basic knowledge in psychology and sociology, and provides for a concentration of courses dealing with applied and clinical aspects of human services professions. The specific objectives of this degree are to provide a knowledge base of the disciplines of psychology and sociology, teach a variety of clinical concepts and skills which will be useful in applied human services settings, instill an appreciation for the ethical principles governing the fields of psychology, social work, and counseling, and to assist the student either to locate degree related employment or to be admitted to an appropriate graduate program.

Program Contact

Dr. Susan Owen

Degrees, Minors or Certificates Offered

Bachelor of Science

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