Athenian Players

The Athenian Players are the newly formed Theatre company representing the Drama program at Athens State University. Athens State University offers coursework at the junior and senior level, as a baccalaureate degree granting institution of the State of Alabama.

The Drama Program at Athens State is currently offered as a Minor within the Department of English. The Drama Minor is open to all Athens State University students regardless of their major concentration. Students are able to take six classes to complete the Drama Minor with a concentration in Acting, Theater Studies, or Design/Technical Theater.

The Athenian Players will be producing a play each semester drawing the cast and crew from the diverse and talented Athens State University Students, Community College students, and the local Alabama community at large. While the future theatre and home for the Athenian Players is being constructed as a part of Phase II for the Alabama Center for the Arts, we are beginning as humble itinerant players bring the theatre to our community, so that the community will later come to our theatre.

Our goal is to continue the long tradition of quality dramatic productions from Athens State University’s illustrious history and to be a beacon for future theatre artists in the greater North Alabama region.