Free Stuff, Free Gas, Free Convenience?

By Spencer Curry & Kegan Ham

How much do you pay for gas? It’s outrageous, right? Wouldn’t you love a solution that saves you money? Well, as cost-conscious student, we have found one at MAPCO. We are sure you’ve heard about them, but you might not realize the benefits they offer. We hope that this post will enlighten you on the subject.

Mapco Express Inc. is a southeastern regional company-operated convenience store that is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee. They have implemented a rewards system that will make your visit to the pump actually enjoyable. Although we do not represent Mapco in any way, it would be a crime to not to let you know about an avenue for savings and rewards.

There are countless other rewards programs similar to that of Mapco. However, the system that Mapco has created provides practical uses for everyday transactions. At Mapco, you earn rewards not just for gas, but for other convenience store items as well. And, what benefits you will earn!

We were overwhelmed when we first wandered upon a Mapco Rewards card because we would get three cents off of every gallon. We were oblivious to the many other benefits that were available to us. Since then, we have become loyal customers of Mapco, and in just a short amount of time, we have enough points to get FIFTY cents off every gallon of gasoline the next time we fill up!

After becoming a member, you will be rewarded with; three cents off every gallon with each fill up, five points per gallon purchased, ten points for every dollar spent. You can accumulate points on each purchase that are redeemable for extra discounts on fuel or free merchandise in the store.

There is also a FREE app that can be downloaded to any Android or Apple device. The app is a fantastic way to reach out to a modern society like ours that is focused on technological convenience. The app includes the following:

  • My rewards
    • Earn points
    • Get gas discounts and freebies as you purchase fuel and store items
    • Select the rewards you want
    • Track your progress/points
    • Mobile pay
      • Use your mobile device to buy fuel and car washes through any PayPal account
      • See your bonus fuel rewards when calculating total fuel savings
      • Promo codes
        • Enter promo codes to get great deals with your my rewards account
        • Find stores near you
          • Find the cheapest and closest Mapco
          • View real time fuel prices
          • Compare prices against your favorite Mapco store

All of these features give Mapco an advantage over any competitor that does not incorporate useful technology into their business operations. It isn’t just the convenience of a mobile app that differentiates Mapco from other gas companies, but the whole concept of staying in-tune with technology. It is imperative for businesses to stay current with changes in technology because our society expects it.

We are always looking for the next best thing to replace our old outdated gadgets because technology advances so quickly. One reason that technology is so appealing is because it makes our lives easier and updates continue to increase our dependency on it. Think about it. Right now, you are more than likely reading this on a computer, tablet, or phone instead of a newspaper or other written format. Is there anything wrong with that? We don’t think so. It only proves that technology is advancing, as is our culture.

Mapco has been one of the first stores of its kind to implement this kind of technology that really makes shopping more convenient and useful to a modern culture. Their rewards system is one way that Mapco has improved customer loyalty and satisfaction through technology. We hope that it will continue to grow as more tech-savvy users take advantage of the convenience of this technology. As students, we can attest to the benefits of this system. And, as you can imagine, we are all about ways to save money whenever possible.


Digital Footprint

By Bobby Smith & Kevin Keenan


Let’s just take a minute and think about the countless times we use the internet each day. The reason may differ:  paying bill, social media, shopping, or reading the news.   As we do those things, we leave information about ourselves in the cyber world, this is known as a digital footprint. If you are not aware of your digital foot, you should be.


Fashion Meets Fitness

By Magen Bain & Sarah Murphy


Have you ever thought about how much you really walk during the day versus how much you just sit around? Right now, a wearable device called the Fitbit is a great way to monitor your activity level! The Fitbit allows you to track how far you have walked and how many calories you burn. Not only does it track your activity during the day, but your calorie intake, weight, and sleep patterns as well. It also syncs automatically and wirelessly to your Apple, Android, or Windows phone. You can even keep up with your progress online or on your phone using your Fitbit app!


The Truth About Facebook Messenger

By Jessica Reynolds & Georgiana Lamar


Do you have the Facebook app? Most people do. Have you noticed that you can’t get messages through your app anymore? Well, there is a reason for that. Facebook is now requiring that everyone download the Facebook Messenger app which is causing quite an uproar. Huffington Post wrote an article about the app, its terms of service, and how it requests a lot of personal information. The article mentioned that the app could; send text messages, call people, record audio through the microphone, take pictures and videos, and read data about your contacts – all without your knowledge.


Blogging as a Class Project

By Lisa Rich


How many times have your heard the word “blog”? Have you ever stopped to think about what it means? For those of you who don’t know, blog is short for web log. Blogs began as Internet spaces for online users to store lists of important websites that they wanted to revisit later, kind of like marking a page in a book that you want to reread. Over time, blogs evolved into online journals or diaries where people shared information, sometimes entirely too much information, about themselves or topics of special interest.


Field Trip to the Library!

By Jennifer Wolfe


My favorite day of the year at the Athens State University Library is field trip day. Let me explain…

As a child one of my favorite things to do in the summer was to go to the Knox County Public Library’s Norwood Branch on Merchant Dr. in Knoxville, Tennessee for the summer reading program. This should have been my first clue to my future profession – a librarian.


A Capitol Gathering of College Women Student Leaders

By Ruby de la Pena

ruby D

The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) held their annual conference June 5–7, 2014 at the University of Maryland, College Park. After submitting an application, I received a scholarship from the American Association of University Women (AAUW), San Jose (CA) Branch which covered my convention cost to attend. I was honored to receive this scholarship and represent Athens State University. Over 900 participants came from forty-eight different states and three different nations.


Athens State – One Small Step for Your Wallet, One Giant Leap for Your Future

By Amanda Cates

Athens State University

As graduation inches closer, I am beginning to reflect more on my college experience – particularly here at Athens State. I started college immediately after my high school graduation. I knew that I would be in college for at least four years because I decided to pursue a career in secondary English Education. I did not want to waste any time. I spent the first two years of college at Wallace State. I made the decision to begin at a community college because I believed this would be the best way to make the adjustment from high school to college. Wallace is only thirty minutes from my home, so I would be able to commute without living in a dorm. Also, many of my high school friends planned to attend, and I had classes scheduled with a few. I enjoyed participating in the Sigma Kappa Delta honor society and talking with my English Professor about my career choice. Before I realized, it was time to choose another institution to complete my degree.


“This is Due Tonight” – How I Helped a Writer Improve on a Deadline

By Tony Ricks


It was an hour past my lunchtime when a student opened my office door and asked if the Writing Center was open. The Writing Center had officially closed the previous week, as the university had now entered Finals Week. That left me, the Writing Center Director, to help. After we arranged a meeting time, I went to lunch with her paper in hand. It was due that night.


The Tragic 1909 Typhoid Fever Epidemic

By Sara Love


In was 1909; Athens Female College entered its sixty-sixth scholastic year on the 15th day of September. The previous five years had been the most successful years in the entire history of the Institution. In addition to local students, there were 151 boarding students enrolled from across Alabama and adjoining states. The faculty was made up of 23 excellent administrators and teachers. The health of the entire College community seemed perfect. College records indicate that only two deaths had occurred during its history and those occurred before the Civil War. On October 14, 1909, there was not a sick person on the campus.