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Tools of the Trade: The Roget’s Thesaurus, Old School

By Ron Fritze


“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter—it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain
When it comes to advice on writing well, Mark Twain is someone to be heeded. One of the problems that any writer continually faces is maintaining the variety of their word usage. If you are not careful, you can end up using the same word over and over again. To your reader that practice comes across as dull and boring and may cause them rightly to question the extent of your vocabulary. So how do you get some life in your vocabulary and get from the “lightning bug” word to the “lightning” word? Answer, the thesaurus, a word book of synonyms and related concepts.


5 Tips for Pursuing a (Graduate) Degree

By Tony Ricks


(The following is adapted by the author from an original blog post he wrote on April 21, 2013  and published at

Thinking about taking “the next step” after your bachelor’s degree? Or just after high school?

Recently, I offered advice to a college student at Athens State on the pros and cons of grad school. I hold a Master’s from Boise State and a Doctorate from Florida State. (Combining mascots, this makes me a Seminole on a Bronco). My particular area of expertise is in Rhetoric & Composition.  Today, I regularly work with college writers at Athens State.


Tools of the Trade: Writing

By Ron Fritze


Students periodically ask me for advice about succeeding in college.  I have a lot of advice but on this occasion I want to focus on one key piece of advice.  We live in a world where technology is touted as the end of education.  That is not true, technology is a tool, it is means to gain an education.  The end in education for a student is learning.  Sure it is a big help if you have a laptop to assist with your studies.  Blackboard and similar learning management systems are great tools.  But the bottom line is this—a person needs to want to learn.  And learning means work.  Besides the high tech tools, there are also some tried and true low tech tools that will help you to improve your writing.  But You have to take the time to use them.


Congratulations! You have been selected for an interview!

By Saralyn Mitchell

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Receiving a call for an interview means that your resume, cover letter and online brand were impressive; you’ve landed an interview with your company of choice. Interview preparation is a must and the key to your success. You must be your best to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. Here are my top interviewing and follow-up keys to success.


Password Cracker: Not Your Daddy’s Saltine

By Gary McCullors


SplashData released a study in December 2012 that identified the top 25 passwords used and posted by hackers.  The top two were “password” and “123456.”  If you make it that easy, you need cracking.  For those of us that take passwords seriously, we tend to think we are being original, or cute, when we create them, but when the “Cracker” is released (a play on “Release the Kraken,” from the Clash of the Titans) we find we are not as original or cute as we thought.