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Digital Footprint

By Bobby Smith & Kevin Keenan


Let’s just take a minute and think about the countless times we use the internet each day. The reason may differ:  paying bill, social media, shopping, or reading the news.   As we do those things, we leave information about ourselves in the cyber world, this is known as a digital footprint. If you are not aware of your digital foot, you should be.


Justice, Injustice, or another Day in America

By Gary McCullors


Have you ever walked into a store just as you were leaving?  Bought Dinner twice on the same day, at different restaurants?  Visited that one place your spouse said you had better not be caught dead in, or you will wind up dead?  Seem to be spending more money than you thought?  Any of these things sound familiar?  I can’t vouch for the “one place,” but the others happened to my niece last year.  She was blissfully going about her business one day last year when she went to get some money out of an ATM.  The ATM blissfully reported that she didn’t have any money.  She immediately called and blasted her husband wanting to know what he had spent all the money on.  He of course denied spending it which generated a few rounds of, “Yes, you did,” “No, I didn’t,” and “You are lying.”  She reluctantly accepted that he may not have spent it, maybe.