Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors is a volunteer service organization of Athens State University.

The Board of Visitors exists both as a uniform entity for total university service, and is also divided into three equal entities to serve each of the respective Colleges of the University: College of Arts & Sciences; College of Business; and College of Education.

The Board of Visitors serves to assist the President and the Board of Trustees in promoting and advocating the overall quality and excellence of the University; to advise and assist the University in interpreting the vision, mission, programs, accomplishments and aspirations of the University; to help keep the University and its constituent parts informed of attitudes, opinions, concerns and expectations related to higher education in general and Athens State University specifically; and to advise and assist the University with respect to the advancement of the University in all aspects of its mission.


Trisha Black image

Trisha Black

Tom Butler image

Tom Butler

Mary Nell Clem image

Mary Nell Clem

Sheila Davis image

Sheila Davis

Chad Easterling image

Chad Easterling

Jennifer Kennedy

Jennifer Kennedy

Jeanne Payne image

Jeanne Payne

Jim America image

Jim America

Jeff Bass image

Jeff Bass

Christie Blaylock

Christie Blaylock

Pearl Bridgeforth image

Pearl Bridgeforth

Lakeshia Neerhoff image

Lakeshia Neerhoff

Ronnie Smith image

Ronnie Smith

Paula Watkins image

Paula Watkins

Al Weeks

Al Weeks

Larry Whitehead image

Larry Whitehead

Jim Yoho

Jim Yoho

Dr. Matt Akin image

Dr. Matt Akin
Huntsville City Schools

Trey Holladay image

Dr. Trey Holladay
Athens City Schools

Dr. Michael Douglas

Dr. Michael Douglas
Decatur City Schools

Dr. Danna “Dee Dee” Jones

Dr. Danna “Dee Dee” Jones
Hartselle City Schools

Michelle Jordan image

Michelle Jordan

Guy McClure Sr image

Guy McClure, Sr

Susan Ming

Susan Ming

Ed Nichols image

Dr. Ed Nichols


Tere Richardson image

Tere Richardson

Marsha White image

Marsha White





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