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College of Education > Programs of Study
Programs of Study

The College of Education offers undergraduate degrees leading to Class B Certification for the following majors:

Early Childhood Education (Grades P-3) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Elementary Education (Grades K-6) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Elementary Education/Collaborative Education (Grades K-6) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Collaborative (Grades K-6) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Collaborative (Grades 6-12) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Physical Education (Grades P-12) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

The College of Education also offers certification for grades 6 - 12 for the following College of Arts and Sciences majors:

Art Education (Grades P-12) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Biology Education (Grades 6-12) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Chemistry Education (Grades 6-12) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

English/Language Arts Education (Grades 6-12) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

History Education (Grades 6-12) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Mathematics Education (Grades 6-12) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Social Science Education (Grades 6-12) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

The College of Education also offers the following Non-Certification degrees:

Technical Education: Early Instructor (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Technical Education: Instructional Design (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Technical Education: Military Instructor Option (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Technical Education: Post Secondary Instructor Option (No Class B) (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

Technical Education: Secondary Instructor (2014-15 Academic Catalog)

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