Philosophical Foundations & Technology


~ Technology, Education & Change ~

The Philosophical Foundations and Technology Department, also known as the Pf.T., houses foundational and technology courses as well as programs in Technical Education and minors in Educational Technology, Instructional Design and ELL.

Pf.T. full and part-time faculty include award-winning teachers, principals and superintendents, distinguished researchers, and community leaders. Pictured below are the fulltime faculty members of the Pf.T.

Pictured left to right, Dr. Bridgette Chandler, Ms. Valarie Hendrix, Dr. Wanda Hutchinson, Dr. Andryna Kuzmicic – retired, Dr. Wendy Cowan, Dr. Melissa Werner, Dr. Tedi Gordon, Dr. Darlene Turner-White, Dr. Tedi Gordon and Dr. Lisa Hyde

Faculty interest and expertise cover a wide range of areas, including educational technology, behavioral education, children’s literature, health and wellness, philosophical issues related to education in a democratic society, social justice perspectives, multiculturalism, college-level writing, gender issues and so much more.

The Pf.T. faculty are dedicated to teaching, supervising and mentoring students. It is not an exaggeration to say that student success is what the Pf.T. is all about. Making a difference in the lives of students is why the Pf.T. faculty

  • go to work each day
  • keep up with scholarship in their disciplines
  • spend so much time establishing relationships with students and providing guidance

Day in and day out, Pf.T. faculty demonstrate a high level of personal and professional commitment to students, to education, to their communities and to the future of the world in which we live.

Student Spotlight

What’s happening?

There’s a new minor in the Pf.T.!

Beginning spring 2014, the Pf.T. will be offering a Minor in Instructional Design.

Instructor Spotlight