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2016-fiddle-champ 2016 FIDDLE CHAMPION – Maddie Denton


50th Annual Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention Winners

Harmonica – Daniel Amick
Bluegrass Banjo – Barry Waldrep
Dulcimer – Rob Pearcy
Beginning Fiddler (10 & Under) – David Lin
Old-Time Banjo – Brandon Holder
Apprentice Fiddler (Age 11-15) – Benjamin Lin
Classic Old-Time Fiddler – Rafe Stefanini
Junior Fiddler (16-34) – Maddie Denton
Intermediate Fiddler (Age 35-54) – Joel Whittinghill
Buck Dancing (16 & Over) – Palmer Osborn
Mandolin – Tyler Andal
Dobro – Damion Kidd
Old-Time Singing – David Williams
Guitar – Finger Picking – Allen Watkins
Guitar – Flat Picking – Adam Wright
Senior Fiddler (55+) – Marcia Denton
Bluegrass Band – The Franciscos
Old-Time Band – The Corkburners
Buck Dancing (15 & Under) – Ivy Phillips

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Fiddlers News

50th Fiddlers Convention “Fiddle Champ” is Crowned
50th Fiddlers Convention Winners
50th Fiddlers Convention Set for October 6th – 8th
Fiddler’s Receipts Benefit Athens State Students


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Fiddler Cams

Unable to make it to the Fiddlers Convention this year? Don’t worry…you can still view all of the action by clicking on one of the links below.
Founders Hall Stage
Brown Hall Stage
Fiddler Cam
McCandless Hall Stage