Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services locates and provides access to materials not available at Athens State University Library. Because the borrowing, lending, and photocopying of materials is provided as a courtesy, certain restrictions must be adhered to.

Eligibility For Services
ILL Services are available to faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students. Limited privileges are also provided to patrons with a current Athens State library user card. Community patrons are assessed a small fee for the user of ILL services.

How To Apply
ILL request forms are available at the reference desk. The patron should verify that the material is not available at Athens State by checking the online catalog and the periodical holdings. A separate form is needed for each request, containing accurate and complete patron and bibliographic information.

Requests may be made for books and photocopies of periodical articles. Request forms should be turned in at the reference desk. ILL forms may be submitted electronically by accessing the library’s Online Catalog and providing the required information.

Normally it takes one to two weeks to receive materials from Alabama libraries. Some arrive more quickly, while articles of 20 pages or less can sometimes be faxed. Please notify the ILL office immediately if the material is no longer needed so that the request may be canceled. It may be to the patron’s advantage to personally retrieve information from libraries within a 40-mile radius of Athens State.

Patrons will be notified by phone or via e-mail, if the e-mail address is provided on the request Material should be picked up in the reference office promptly after being notified. When checking on the status of an ILL request, please wait at least a week after the request is submitted before checking with the ILL office.

Judy Stinnett, ILL

Length And Conditions Of Loans
The lending library sets the loan period and the renewal policy. Athens State abides by any conditions dictated by the lending institution (i.e., no renewals, library use only, etc.). Most ILLs are made for a period of from 14 – 28 days.

Renewals are granted only in exceptional cases. The borrower should notify ILL personnel at least four days prior to the due date. The ILL office will contact the lending library to see if renewal is possible. The patron will be notified of results. Failure to return ILL material on time may result in suspension of ILL privileges.

Users of ILL services are responsible for all fees, photocopy charges, and/or replacement fees resulting from their request, whether or not they are picked up. Charges may be paid in cash or by check made payable to Athens State Library (unless otherwise noted).

Overdue Fines
ILL materials should be returned to the reference desk on or before the due date. A fine of 25 cents per day per item will begin to accrue two days after the due date. Patron will be notified if possible.

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