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International Programs at Athens State

Athens State University is committed to meeting the International challenger of the 21st Century and all aspects of the Academic Global Environment.

Academic Programs
Minor in International Business
Athens State University offers an International Business Minor, available to all Athens State Colleges, students, and majors . The following courses must be taken to satisfy the academic requirement.

MG 352 International Business 3 Semester Hours

An analysis of the cultural, economic, ethical, legal, and social environment of the global market.

EC 320/PO 320 Intro to International Commerce 3 Semester Hours
This course examines the international economic system and the management challenges faced by multinational corporations in the conduct of international business. Special attention is given to the mechanics of importing and exporting, international finance, and private international law.

EC 410 International Finance & Monetary Eco 3 Semester Hours
A macro examination of the operation of modern economic systems including price determination, aggregate demand and supply theory, public policy options, and the philosophical foundations of free market and command systems.

GBA 350 International Business Law 3 Semester Hours
Prerequisite: None. However, it is recommended that the student complete MG 352 before taking GBA 350. This course focuses on the legal framework within which international trade takes place. Within this large framework public and private international law are important as a sub-focus. Areas to be studied include international organizations, environmental law, human rights, economic/commercial law, public and private international law, tax law, comparative law and ethics.

PO 453 International Relations 3 Semester Hours
A survey of the basic characteristics and theories of the international system. Special emphasis is placed on regional and international organization, international law, international economics, strategic studies, and international cooperation.

MG 412 Cultural Diversity Issues in International Business 3 Semester Hours

Prerequisite: None. However, it is recommended that MG 352 and EC 320 be completed before taking MG 412. This is the capstone course for the international business minor. It focuses on two broad areas: case studies in political, legal, economic, and cultural areas and the in-depth study of multicultural diversity. Areas to be covered include religion, family, time, gender, race, ethnicity, aesthetics, power distance, individual vs. collective, masculine vs. feminine and uncertainty avoidance.

International Organizations

Alabama Council for International Programs
Athens State University is a founding member of the Alabama Council for International Programs, an in-state organization of universities and colleges, which promote cooperation concerning international programs, including academic courses, e.g., foreign languages, international business, etc., and study/travel abroad programs. It also provides international professional development opportunities for member faculty, as well as many other activities through networking and bi-annual meetings.

North Alabama International Trade Association
The Athens State College of Business is a member in good standing of the North Alabama International Trade Association. NAITA is an umbrella organization made up of business, government and academic groups, as well as individuals in North Alabama. NAITA's mission is to diversify and internationalize the economic base of North Alabama through encouraging exporting and other international business. This is accomplished through professional development seminars and conferences, networking through seminars, monthly meetings, newsletters and its home page . Student memberships are available. For more information contact, Dr. Thomas Pieplow at or by phone at 256.216.5383.

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