Board of Trustees Evaluation

Approved by the Athens State University Board of Trustees:  October 19, 2018
Originally Issued: October 22, 2018

Policy Owner: Board ofTrustees
SACSCOC Standard: 4.2.g

I.  Purpose

The Athens State University Board of Trustees is considered a body corporate under the name of Athens State University and has jurisdiction, supervision, and is the executive body governing the University.  In accordance with SACSCOC accreditation standard 4.2.g, the governing board defines and regularly evaluates its responsibilities and expectations.  The evaluation is not an evaluation of an individual Board member performance but rather the performance as the collective governing body.

This policy establishes the process by which the Board of Trustees regularly evaluates and reports its performance.

II.  Process

The evaluation instrument is developed using information gathered through various sources including the Board Roles and Responsibilities document, the University’s Shared Governance document, as well as best practices as established by the Association of Governing Boards.  The evaluation instrument is administered online through the University’s Assessment Management System.

The evaluation process is coordinated by the Special Assistant to the President for Board Relations/Policy Analyst (SAPBR/PA), who is responsible for initiating the process as required.  The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) provides the evaluation electronically, accessible for 14 days, to all Board members between May-June.  The evaluation instrument may only be accessed with a designated login and password information to ensure that only the members of the Board have access to the evaluation.

III.  Results and Reporting

Upon closing, the OIRA conducts the analysis and submits the results to the SAPBR/PA.  The results are reviewed and discussed by the entire Board to identify any areas for improvement. The results are then accepted, by the entire Board, at the regularly scheduled Board meeting in July.  The evaluation results are a part of the official published minutes and are available on the Board of Trustees website.

IV.  Responsibility for this Operating Policy

Policy Owner

As part of the initial approval of this policy by the Board of Trustees and subsequent to the original dissemination of the policy, the Board of Trustees is the policy owner for the ongoing evaluation, review, and approval of this policy.  Subsequent reviews and revisions to this policy must be in accordance with approved operating policy procedures and processes.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Responsibility for Policy Implementation

The Board has assigned the responsibility of implementing this policy to the Special Assistant to the President for Board Relations/Policy Analyst.