Procedures for Standing Committees

Originally Issued: October 17, 2016
Reviewed:  December 11, 2017
Reviewed:  January 2019

Procedure Owner:  President

I.     Purpose

The purpose of these procedures is to establish a standard method for appointing and       maintaining official records for standing committees at Athens State University.

II.   Standing Committee Appointments

University standing committees are appointed by the President of the University.   The President will appoint committee membership in writing stating the committee charge and include any other relevant information.   The President’s Office will forward a copy of this information to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA).

The five standing committees of the Faculty Senate (Academic Affairs, Curriculum, Elections, Faculty Affairs and Learning Resources) are considered standing committees of the University however membership is not appointed by the President, but selected by the Presiding Officer and Senators from a list of volunteers from each College.

The Staff Senate is also considered a standing committee of the University but membership is not appointed by the President but elected by staff employees.

III.  Committee Meetings and Minutes

Meetings of Committees shall be scheduled as needed by the President of the University, his designee, or the Committee Chair.

Each Committee shall annually elect, by majority vote, a recording secretary, whose duty it shall be to take minutes of all Committee action.  Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition, shall be observed by the Committee during all its meetings.

IV.  Committee Meeting Records

The recording secretary will be responsible for forwarding all approved minutes to the Institutional Research and Assessment Office.  OIRA shall maintain the official list and records of all standing committees.  The record of each Committee will consist of: 1) the official membership roster, 2) the appointment date, and 3) the committee charge, and 4) committee minutes. The list of University Committees will be maintained on the Shared Governance webpage.