External Project Support Approval Procedures

Originally Issued:  October 2013
Revised: May 10, 2018
Revised:  July 19, 2018
Revised:  September 3, 2019


Athens State University accepts Federal, State, Local, and private support to assist in funding activities that are in accordance with the University’s mission. The Office of University Advancement provides oversight for all University external project support. An external project support form has been established that requires various levels of approval prior to submission of a  project. The President and Vice President for Financial Affairs are the only individuals approved to execute contracts on behalf of the University.  This form must be completed prior to project application and include the signatures of the following individuals:

  • Project Lead (if other than the Office of University Advancement)
  • Appropriate Department Head/Dean
  • Division Vice President
  • Vice President for Financial Affairs
  • Vice President for University Advancement
  • Provost
  • University President

The external support approval form is initiated by the person or persons seeking funding in conjunction with the Office of University Advancement. Once all signatures have been obtained, the project application may be submitted to the appropriate granting agency by the Office of University Advancement.

Post-award procedures require that all external project support received by the University be administered by the Business Office and are subject to the Business Office practices and procedures manual in the same manner as other University funds. The Business Office establishes the appropriate account in which the activity will be captured. All disbursements and receipts are executed in accordance with guidelines established in the project agreement. All accounting activity is reconciled annually by the Business Manager and all post-award project reporting must be submitted to the Business Office for reconciliation and approval by the Assistant Vice President for Financial Affairs/Business Manager PRIOR to submittal to the awarding agency.

The Office of University Advancement is happy to work with any faculty or staff member in identifying and submitting external project support applications.

Please direct all questions regarding this process to: grants@athens.edu.

Failure to follow this procedure could result in funding being declined or the University may designate alternate project leadership.