Faculty Job Description

Reviewed by Dean’s Council and Cabinet:  June 2014
Approved by Dr. Glenn:  July 2, 2014

Job Summary

Faculty at Athens State University support the University’s mission of providing student-centered, quality education and are committed to the success of our students, and the university. This involves quality teaching, advising, and communication. In addition, faculty provide service to the university and engage in research, scholarship, and professional development activities. During the 9-month contract of employment, faculty members are expected to be available to assist and work with students and respond to departmental, college, and institutional needs. The teaching load for full-time faculty is 12 hours per semester during the academic year.


The minimum credential for full-time faculty members at Athens State University is a Master’s degree in their assigned discipline. It is strongly preferred that full-time faculty hold a terminal degree in their assigned discipline. They must meet accreditation and state standards in order to teach in the assigned content area. Previous teaching experience is also highly desirable.


I. Teaching and Student Engagement

1. Teach assigned courses in accordance with the course syllabi and a schedule of classes that may include day, evening, weekend, and distance classes offered at any approved instructional site.

2. Engage in development of new and creative instructional materials, including new courses and programs of study.

3. Assist in keeping the curriculum of the program(s) current.

4. Advise students and ensure the successful completion of their degree program.

5. Post and hold office hours in a physical and electronic format as appropriate.

6. Assist with the departmental assessment efforts and plan.

7. Assist with student recruitment, particularly when low student enrollment is an issue in the program.

II. Research/Scholarship/Professional Development

1. Maintain a current knowledge of advances and innovations in the academic discipline.

2. Engage in scholarly activity related to the discipline, e.g., presentation of papers, serving on panel discussion, publication of articles and books, grant writing, art exhibits, participation in seminars, book reviewing and abstracting.

III. Service

1. Assist with committee work and administrative tasks related to the faculty member’s Department.

2. Assist with committee work and tasks related to the College.

3. Assist with committee work and tasks related to the University.

4. Assist with accreditation and state approval processes.

5. Engage in shared governance of the University.

6. Engage in service to the community, including advising and working with students.

7. Engage in service to the faculty member’s academic discipline.

8. Assist with student organizations.

9. Attend Department, College, and University meetings along with in-service workshops, honors and awards ceremonies, and graduation.


Individual faculty members report to and are responsible to their Department Chair, College Dean, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the University President in ascending order.