Job Description:  Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management

Supported by Administrative Council:  December 12, 2012
Approved by Dr. Glenn:  December 12, 2012
Reviewed:  March 8, 2017
Revised:  February 28, 2018
Revised:  May 20, 2019


 The Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management reports directly to the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Support Services and provides leadership and oversight for the development, implementation, and management of activities and systems related to Admissions and academic records, and student registration.    The Assistant Vice President serves as supervisor of the Admissions, Registrar’s office, and Enrollment Center.

The Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management shall:


  • Oversee the Banner Student system ensuring processes and codes used at the institution effectively help maintain accurate records and data; coordinating staff updates and training, especially as related to Banner; streamline and automate processes in support of enrollment management activities.
  • Ensure delivery of quality, student-oriented enrollment services by coordinating the functions in all cooperating areas; Admissions, Registrar, Enrollment Center,   to ensure development and implementation of efficient, effective, and integrated policies, procedures, and systems
  • Oversee security and accuracy of student records by implementing Academic Policy, ensuring compliance with State and Federal regulations pertaining to student records and following commonly accepted best practices as outlined by AACRAO.
  • Implement, maintain, and oversee the maintenance of graduate student records and admissions processing.
  • Encourage, collaborate and communicate best practices, new processes and training to all coordinating areas; Registrar, etc.
  • Engage in research and data analysis related to the recruitment, admission and retention of students. Provide academic support to faculty and students, processing appropriate requests for information, including issuance and maintenance of transcripts.
  • Responsible for registration and scheduling of course offerings ensuring data entry is accurate.
  • Assist with communication plan implementation for enrollment/retention.
  • Oversee Banner Student and Degree Works Systems.
  • Oversee the Enrollment Center
  • Comply with all policies of  Funding Agencies and the University.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Support Services.