Job Description:  The President

Approved/Adopted:  January 11, 2013
Athens State University Board of Trustees
March 2017

Job Description: The President

The President of Athens State University serves as Chief Executive Officer of the University and is to provide leadership in developing and articulating a shared strategic vision for the University, providing the capability to achieve the vision, and building an institutional culture based on the values of the University. The President is accountable to the duly appointed and autonomous Board of Trustees of Athens State University. The President is responsible for ensuring that the policies of the Board are carried out at the University. The President provides the leadership coordination, communication and discipline necessary to integrate the functional units of the institution. The President is responsible for the stewardship of all University assets and resources. The President and Provost, working as a single focused unit, are responsible for establishing an institutional culture that reflects the core values of the University and the vision of Athens State University as the premier upper division university of the state of Alabama.

The President shall perform all duties required by law, by the contractual agreement with the Board of Trustees and which by custom and practice are performed by a State of Alabama public university president including, but not limited to the following:

  • Ensure that the best interests of the University’s students are well served in all matters and decisions.
  • Ensure that the University conducts its affairs in a manner that is consistent with professional best practices and the best interests of the citizens of the state of Alabama.
  • Establish and maintain a close and supportive working relationship with the Board of Trustees and to provide the necessary support for the work of the Board.
  • Regularly and effectively communicate with the Trustees to provide information concerning issues and matters of importance to the Trustees.
  • Regularly prepare and submit to the Trustees action item proposals for new programs, new policies, new revenue streams, new capital projects and other such items that are consistent with the tactical best interests of the University.
  • Establish and prioritize the strategic vision, goals, and capability improvements for the long-term future of the University and develop strategies to achieve those goals.
  • Recommend and implement regulations, policies, rules and procedures useful for the welfare of the University.
  • Project a coherent, consistent public image of the University based on the established strategic direction and capabilities.
  • Provide institutional, faculty and educational leadership.
  • Engage in fund raising and development activities along with involvement in public, government and alumni relations.
  • Establish and maintain institutional governance systems and the management work system of the University.
  • Analyze the market and external environment and establish systems for addressing changing market needs.
  • Formulate appropriate policies for the effective operation of the University.
  • Provide the leadership of the established planning process, including strategic and annual plan development, monitoring, and evaluation with the policies, procedures, and parameters established by the Board of Trustees and the President.
  • Establish and maintain strategic relationships and partnerships with federal, state and local elected officials, government agencies, public and private education entities, the business and industrial sector and non-profit service agencies.
  • Ensure financial management, including fund development, budget development and oversight, and risk management.
  • Select, develop and review a senior administrative leadership team to assist in building a positive university culture to ensure the mission and institutional goals are achieved.
  • In concert with, or when absent from campus through the Provost, the President is responsible for the supervision of the day-to-day operations of the functional units of the University, including Academic Affairs, Financial Affairs, Enrollment and Student Services, Information Technology and University Advancement.
  • Report data and information in a timely and accurate manner to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE).
  • Ensures the institution follows applicable policies of the State Department of Education; ACHE policies for the development and implementation of academic programs; policies related to institutional accreditation (SACS) and program specific accreditation (NCATE, ACBSP).
  • Provide leadership for maintaining quality educational programs to ensure the University’s academic and support programs serve the students well.
  • Coordinate Title VI activities in order to create an open and welcoming environment for diversity that will lead to greater diversity among students, faculty and staff.
  • Perform such other duties commensurate with his position as President that the Board of Trustees may assign.