Job Description:  Vice President for University Advancement

Supported by Administrative Council: December 12, 2012
Approved by Dr. Glenn: December 12, 2012
Reviewed:  March 8, 2017
Revised:  May 20, 2019

Job Description: Vice President For University Advancement

The Vice President for University Advancement is the senior leader of the Advancement area and reports to the President. The Vice President is responsible for orchestrating activities related to the analysis, planning, execution, control, and evaluation of fund raising, alumni affairs, marketing and public relations, and governmental relations. In addition, the Vice President provides the leadership and management for working with and through the Foundation Board of Directors for its philanthropic programs and activities.

The Vice President for University Advancement shall:

  • provide administrative and executive staff support to the Foundation Board in all its activities.
  • create appropriate record keeping system(s) for tracking donor participation, identification, and
  • cultivation of prospects plus volunteer involvement in programs.
  • oversee training and supervision of paid and volunteer support personnel in establishing and maintaining the record keeping system(s).
  • analyze and implement general public relations programs, working with volunteer and staff committees, task forces, and recommend programs which will enhance and advance the mission, goals, and objectives of the University.
  • prepare, or cause to have prepared, all content and materials needed for approved fundraising and public relations programs including proposals to donors and donor prospects, gift recognition/ acknowledgment materials, appeal letters, etc.
  • research, or cause to have researched, data on potential individuals, corporations, and Foundation donors identified by Board members, staff and other volunteers, or by virtue of their gift history to like organizations or activities.
  • keep up to date on current fundraising, marketing and public relations programs, practices, and procedures being utilized in the not-for-profit sector.
  • prepare detailed plans of actions for all approved fundraising and community relations programs including budgets to support their implementation.
  • work with the Foundation Board of Directors in analyzing the fundraising programs and planning for future activities.
  • work with staff and volunteers to ensure that all fundraising and community relations programs are consistent with the overall mission and with the philosophy and concepts of each program and service.
  • research material for major funding sources.
  • act as liaison with faculty and staff to explore feasible funding sources.
  • oversee and work with alumni and the alumni association in all of its activities.
  • work with campus, community, and legislative groups as appropriate.
  • serve as a member of the Administrative Council.
  • assist the President with community relations as needed.
  • serve as a liaison to governmental and legislative groups that impact Athens State.
  • monitor and address federal, state and local legislation which may impact Athens State, its students, and its operations
  • work closely with federal, state and local delegations to keep them informed on issues relating to Athens State University.
  • Provide leadership and assistance to the Alumni Association Board of Directors.
  • Work closely with the Assistant Vice President for Development to create an environment that encourages strong support for the University through service, philanthropy, and events.
  • Oversee the creation and implementation of all University marketing efforts.
  • perform other appropriate duties as assigned by the President.