Personnel Record Information

Policy Number: IV.19
Policy Level: Operating Policy

Originally Issued: June 18, 2018

Policy Owner: President
Policy Implementation: Vice President for Financial Affairs and Director of Human Resources

I.    Policy Statement and Purpose

It is the policy of Athens State University to protect the privacy of employees.  To ensure privacy of personnel information, the President has designated the Vice President for Financial Affairs as the custodian of personnel records for the University.

II.   Public Access

Federal and state laws that govern public access to records shall be followed.  To the extent permissible by law, the University will maintain sensitive or otherwise confidential information in employee or applicant files.  The University may assess a reasonable charge for researching open records requests or as otherwise necessary.  Should a public records access request be granted, the employee will be notified by the Human Resources Office that their payroll/personnel record has been viewed.

III. Personnel/Payroll Files

The University President will supervise the maintenance of personnel/payroll files to maintain updated, complete and accurate records. Personnel files contain job descriptions and employee evaluations. Payroll files contain payroll, insurance, retirement, and other information.

Information may be added to the personnel/payroll file to clarify or supplement materials previously placed in the personnel/payroll file.  Employees may answer or object in writing to any material in the personnel/payroll file, and the answer or objection shall be attached to the appropriate material that is the subject of the answer or objection.

If an employee adds any information to his/her personnel/payroll file, the employee must sign the
document and the attending Office of Human Resources employee must initial the
document and notate the time and date received.

The President’s approval is required for individuals other than those listed below who
request permission to view a personnel/payroll file.

        No one may remove a personnel/payroll file from the Office of Human Resources.

Only Office of Human Resources employees may copy a personnel/payroll file.  To receive a copy of any material in his/her personnel/payroll file, the employee must present a written request to the Office of Human Resources.

Unless otherwise required by law, only the following individuals will be allowed access to information contained in employee files.

        The following individuals may view/access a PERSONNEL file:


Appropriate Vice President

Director of Human Resources

Appropriate Supervisor

University legal counsel, at the request of one of the above

The following individuals may view/access a PAYROLL file:

  • President
  • Vice President for Financial Affairs
  • Payroll staff or other appointed Human Resources personnel
  • Individual employee (An employee of the Office of Human Resources must be present
    when an employee views his/her payroll file)
  • University legal counsel, at the request of one of the above

IV.  Responsibility for this Operating Policy

        Policy Owner

As part of the initial approval of this policy the President is the policy owner for the ongoing evaluation, review, and approval of this policy.  Subsequent reviews and revisions to this policy must be in accordance with approved operating policy procedures and processes.

This policy will be reviewed every three years or more frequently as needed.

        Responsibility for Policy Implementation

The President has assigned the responsibility of implementing this policy to the Director of Human Resources, under the direction of the Vice President for Financial Affairs.