Procedures for Disability-Related ADA Job Accommodation Requests


Supported by Administrative Council: December 12, 2012
Approved by Dr. Glenn:  December 12, 2012

Policy Owner: Provost/ VP Academic Affairs
Policy Implementation: Registrar

Requests by an employee or job applicant for ADA-related accommodations should be directed to the supervisor of the position affected. The following steps must be followed by that supervisor in response to accommodation requests. Remember that the employer is only obligated to consider reasonable accommodations for known physical or mental impairments of an individual with a disability who is otherwise qualified for the position. The employer is not required to accommodate “personal use only” needs or items. The “Employee Job Accommodation Worksheet” (with relevant supporting documents) should be utilized to document/summarize any actions and recommendations. In cases where a disability is not visible or obvious, the employee or applicant must provide documentation from a doctor or other qualified professional about their disability and request for accommodation.


  1. Contact the Director of Human Resources within five business days to discuss the situation once an accommodation need is made known.
  2. Be thoroughly familiar with the essential functions of the job in question, along with any specific performance issues or situations related to any University policies (e.g. leave).
  3. Meet with the applicant/employee and the ADA Coordinator to discuss specific limitations as they relate to job task performance or policies. Allow the applicant/employee to identify possible accommodations related to job tasks/job benefits affected by the disability-related limitation. Use the Employee Job Accommodation Worksheet to guide and document this meeting.
  4. Verify the job-related physical or mental limitations identified by the applicant/employee to ensure that we are thorough in our considerations and in addressing safety issues.
  5. Working with the ADA Coordinator, investigate possible accommodation options, utilizing any information received from the employee’s health care provider or other resources as needed (e.g. Job Accommodation Network, Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, etc.)
  6. Assess all accommodation options and propose the most appropriate accommodations(s), giving primary consideration to those accommodations suggested by the applicant/employee.
  7. Submit completed “Employee Job Accommodation Worksheet” to the ADA Coordinator (maintain confidentiality).
  8. The ADA Review team (includes supervisor, appropriate Dean or Vice President, ADA Coordinator, and Director of Human Resources) reviews the recommendations and makes the final accommodation(s) decision. The Vice President for Financial Affairs and VPAA/Provost will review and make the final decision related to the ADA Review Team’s recommendation. The supervisor and ADA Coordinator will meet with the applicant/employee to convey the decision(s).
  9. Work with the appropriate University personnel to implement accommodation(s) as recommended by the ADA Review team in a timely manner under the totality of the circumstances.
  10. Review the effectiveness of the accommodation(s) once implemented. Work with the ADA Coordinator to maintain a complete confidential record, maintained in the Coordinator’s office.