Procedures for Senior Administrator Evaluations

Originally Issued: July 12, 2013
Revised: December 11, 2017

Procedure Owner: Director of Human Resources

Persons classified as senior administrators at Athens State University are in leadership positions and generally have three common responsibilities: 1) supervision and management of personnel groups, 2) management of tasks with specific and recurring timelines, and 3) development and/or maintenance of a budget.

It is understood that the scope of these responsibilities determines the level of the senior administrator; that is, top-level administrators generally have a very broad scope of responsibilities, while lower-level administrators may be responsible for more specific University functions or areas.

For purposes of these procedures, the persons in the following positions are considered senior administrators:

  • Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs;
  • Vice President of Enrollment and Student Support Services;
  • Vice President of Financial Affairs;
  • Vice President of University Advancement;
  • Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs/Chief Information Officer;
  • Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs;
  • Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management;
  • Assistant Vice President for Development;
  • Assistant Vice President for Financial Affairs/Business Manager; and
  • The College Deans

Administrator Performance Evaluations

In accordance with the University policy Annual Evaluation of Employees, all administrators must be evaluated annually. The supervisor responsible for the annual evaluation of each senior administrator is identified in the job description of the senior administrator.

After completing the appropriate Senior Administrator Performance Evaluation, the Supervisor will schedule a conference with the senior administrator being evaluated to discuss the evaluation.  Once the conference has taken place, the evaluation is signed by the Supervisor and the senior administrator to verify that the conference took place. The signature of the senior administrator being evaluated does not necessarily indicate agreement with the evaluation.

Subsequent to the evaluation meeting, senior administrators may respond with written comments about the contents of the evaluation if they so choose. Both the signed evaluation and any written responses will become part of the senior administrator’s confidential personnel file.

Timeline for Evaluations

The evaluation period should be the calendar year January 1 through December 31. Senior Administrator Performance Evaluations must be turned in to the Office of Human Resources no later than February 28th.