Procedures for Staff Evaluations

Originally Issued: July 12, 2013
Link to form updated: January 20, 2016
Revised:  January 28, 2020

Procedure Owner: Director of Human Resources
 SACSCOC Standard:  5.5

The responsibility for the University’s Performance Evaluations system lies with the department heads and supervisors.

Performance Evaluation

Evaluation is an on-going process that results in a year-end review. A mid-year review is optional.

After completing the Performance Evaluation, the Reviewing Supervisor will sign the form. The form is signed by the supervisor and employee at the time of the final discussion of the form contents.

Non-probationary Staff and Part-time Staff, who plan to seek salary adjustment must submit a Professional Development Plan to the Supervisor as part of the annual performance evaluation process at least one year prior to the year in which the employee will seek adjustment.  For additional information, see the policy Salary Adjustments, Position Review, Promotional Opportunities and Other Job Changes.

The employee’s signature indicates the employee has read the form, but does not necessarily indicate the employee’s agreement with its content. If the employee has completed an optional self-evaluation, the self-evaluation may be attached to the form.

The employee may address questions or concerns about the content of the evaluation with the appropriate supervisor.

Feedback and Coaching

Feedback and coaching should occur on an ongoing basis and at the optional mid-year review. The purpose of feedback and coaching is to provide supervisors with an opportunity to recognize effective performance and provide coaching for improvement. As part of the feedback and coaching components, employees are encouraged to gather informal feedback as appropriate throughout the year.

  • Supervisors should provide timely feedback to motivate employees toward improved performance.
  • The mid-year review is an optional progress meeting which should provide an opportunity for supervisors and employees to discuss and update job standards set at the beginning of the year and focus on employee performance to date.


The Period of Evaluation should be calendar year January 1 through December 31. The Performance Evaluation form is available at Performance Evaluation Form for Staff and must be turned in to the Office of Human Resources no later than February 28th after being signed by both the employee and the supervisor.