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Deshanda Bailey
Secretary, Field Experience & Internship: Teacher Education Services
McCain Hall, Room 104
Debra Baird
Professor of Religious Studies
Founders Hall, Room 206
Julie Barnett
Secretary to the Dean, College of Education
McCain Hall Room 111
Ladoris Baugh
Professor of Business Administration & Department Chair
Sanders Hall - Room 313
Mitchell Bazzel
Director of Student Financial Aid
The Village—Building 3 (Beasley Field)
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Human Resources Management Professor
Sanders Hall, Room 113
Letitia Snow
Assistant Professor, Instructional Design
McCain Hall - Room 208
Gail Bergeron
Professor of Art
Alabama Center for the Arts - Room 115
John Berzett
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Sanders Hall, Room 303
Rochelle Biffle
AMSTI-ASIM Secondary Science Specialist
AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 South
Lauren Blacklidge
Marketing & Communications Professional
Smith House
Jeff Blankenship
Assistant Professor of Public Administration
Founders Hall, Room 335
Tonyia Bowling
Executive Assistant to the VP for University Advancement
Grey House | 307 N Beaty St.
Kim Braden
Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment & Student Support Services
The Village—Building 6 (Beasley Field)
Pat Bradford
Chief Accountant / Operations Manager, ACA
Alabama Center for Arts - Room 125
Amanda Branscombe
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education/Associate Professor of Secondary English Education
Founders Hall Room 202
Dr. Chet Breaux
Writing Center Director
Writing Center - Library
Cathy Brett
Coordinator of Institutional Research
McCandless Hall Room 212
Pam Bridges
A.T.S. Help Desk Support
Waters Hall - S202
Lisa Hyde
Associate Professor of Elementary Education & English Language Learner (ELL)
McCain Hall Room 114
David Brown
Assistant Vice President for University Development
Grey House | 307 N Beaty St.
Joe Bullington
Air Conditioning and Electrical
Physical Plant
Paula Bullington
Deputy Facilities Officer
Physical Plant
Jennifer Bunnell
Director of Alabama Center for the Arts
Alabama Center for the Arts - Room 121
Jennifer Burgreen
Alabama Science in Motion Biology Materials Assistant, Part-time
Dr. Robert Burkhardt
Bicentennial Office
Waters Hall, Room S103-B
Emily McGahee
AMSTI- Elementary Specialist
AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 South
Sean Busick
Professor of History
Founders Hall, Room 337
Jana Byrd
AMSTI Elementary Specialist, K & 1st
AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 South

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