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Curtis Cagle
Curtis CagleCurtis CagleCoordinator of Classroom Instructional and Audiovisual Services256-216-6676Waters Hall - S203E
Bethany Campbell
Bethany CampbellBethany CampbellAdmissions Advisor256-233-8168The Village—Building 1 (Beasley Field)
Wanda Campbell
Wanda CampbellWanda CampbellAssistant Director of the Center for Lifelong Learning256-233-8260121 S. Marion Street
Carolyn Carthen
Carolyn CarthenCarolyn CarthenVeterans Education Advisor256-233-8271The Village—Building 1 (Beasley Field)
Bridgette Chandler
Dr. Bridgette ChandlerDr. Bridgette ChandlerAssociate Professor of Career and Technical Education256-216-6613McCain Hall Room 201
Juliana Cislo
Juliana CisloJuliana CisloADA Accessibility Specialist256-233-8143McCandless Hall - Room 16
Joy Hamilton Clark
Joy Hamilton ClarkJoy Hamilton ClarkAccounting Clerk256-216-3312Founders Hall, Room 108
Pamela Clark
Pamela ClarkPamela ClarkSecretary, Office of Institutional Assessment and Research (OIRA)256-233-8108McCandless Hall - Room 204
Steve Clark
Steve ClarkSteve ClarkAssociate Director Academic Technology Services and Administrator, Instructional Systems256-233-6586Waters Hall, Room S303B
Phyllis Claxton
Phyllis ClaxtonPhyllis ClaxtonHuman Resources Specialist256-216-3311Founders Hall, Room 107
Sara Cline
Dr. Sara ClineDr. Sara ClineAssistant Professor of Biology256-233-6507Waters Hall - S303A
Kenneith Collins
Kenneith CollinsKenneith CollinsPublications Specialist256-233-8292Sandridge Student Center
Brett Constable
Brett ConstableBrett ConstableSecurity Officer256-233-8222Security House
Becky Cornelius
Becky CorneliusBecky CorneliusAMSTI Secondary Math Specialist256-233-6581AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 South
Malcolm Cort
Dr. Malcolm CortDr. Malcolm CortProfessor of Sociology256-233-6509Founders Hall, Room 305
Emily Corzine
Emily CorzineEmily CorzineAssociate Professor of Accounting256-216-5386Sanders Hall Room 318
Dakota Cotton
Dakota CottonDakota CottonUniversity ArchivistLibrary
Larry Covick
Dr. Larry CovickDr. Larry CovickAssociate Professor of Chemistry256-233-6521Waters Hall, Room S-303E
Wendy Cowan
Dr. Wendy CowanDr. Wendy CowanProfessor of Education & Department Chair256-216-6643McCain Hall Room 207
Jerry Crabtree
Jerry CrabtreeJerry CrabtreeChief of Security256-233-8222Security House
Jonathon Craft
Jonathan CraftJonathan CraftBusiness Manager / Assistant Vice President for Finance(256) 216-3310Founders Hall
Tim Crafton
Tim CraftonTim CraftonCoordinator of Computer Support Services256-216-6678Chasteen Hall, Room 103
Crystal Creekmore
Crystal CreekmoreCrystal CreekmoreAssistant Vice President for Enrollment Management256-233-8174The Village—Building 6 (Beasley Field)
Helen Marks Crider
Helen Marks CriderHelen Marks CriderHanceville Off-Campus Center Manager / Communications Plan Manager256-352-8090Wallace State - Hanceville Center
Nancy Croomes
Nancy CroomesNancy CroomesSupport Staff, Center for Lifelong Learning256-233-8260Center for Lifelong Learning
Glynice Crow
Dr. Glynice CrowDr. Glynice CrowAssistant Professor of Management(256) 216-5370Sanders Hall - Room 205
Roy Crunk
Roy CrunkRoy CrunkPainter256-216-5340Physical Plant
Jasmine Crutcher
Jasmine CrutcherJasmine CrutcherAdmissions Advisor / Recruiter(256) 233-8164 The Village—Building 1 (Beasley Field)

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