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Charlotte Feigley
Charlotte FeigleyCharlotte FeigleyDirector, Regional In-Service Center256-233-6570AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 South
Barbara Ferguson
Barbara FergusonBarbara FergusonExecutive Assistant to the Vice President for Financial Affairs256-216-3304Founders Hall, Room 109
Debbie Ferguson
Dr. Debbie FergusonDr. Debbie FergusonProf. of Special Edu. & Curriculum and Instruction256-216-6627McCain Hall Room 215
Dr. Keith Ferguson
Dr. Keith FergusonDr. Keith FergusonVice President for University Advancement256-233-8215Green House | 307 N Beaty St.
Dave Fitzsimmons
Dave FitzsimmonsDave FitzsimmonsAssistant Professor of Computer Networking256-233-6543Waters Hall, Room N103A
Charles Ford
Charles FordCharles FordTelecommunications Administrator256-233-8198
Lynn Frank
Lynn FrankLynn FrankHelp Desk Manager/Instructional Designer256-216-6681Waters Hall S202
Callie Patterson
Calliesha Latonea FrazerCalliesha Latonea FrazerSecretary, Teacher Education Services256-233-8153McCain Hall
Dr. Ron Fritze
Dr. Ronald FritzeDr. Ronald FritzeProfessor of HistoryFounders Hall, Room 231
Russell Frye
Russell FryeRussell FryeDigital Communications Manager & Salesforce Administrator256-216-6686Smith House
Kelly FussellKelly FussellSecurity GuardSecurity House

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