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Bethlynn Sanders
Secretary for Humanities and Social Sciences/Government and Public Safety Administration Department
Founder’s Hall Room 203
Valerie Sellers
Data Analyst
McCandless Hall, Room 213
Bebe Shaw
Professor of English
Founders Hall, Room 348
Dr. Patricia Sims photo
Dean of the College of Education
McCain Hall Room 112
Suzanne Sims
Director of Human Resources
Founders Hall, Room 122
Amber Skantz
Circulation Supervisor
Tina Sloan
Professor of Elementary Education
McCain Hall Room 213
Cody Smith
AMSTI Materials Manager
AMSTI Building 1115-A Hwy 31 South
Derrek Smith
Director of Student Success Center
The Village—Building 5 (Beasley Field)
Jackie Smith
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
McCandless Hall, Room 302
Jerrie Smith
Assistant Director of Human Resources
Founders Hall, Room 106
Sunyung Song
Assistant Professor of Education, English Language Learner (ELL)
McCain Hall Room 203
Image Coming Soon
Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management
Sanders Hall - Room 214
Dr. Stephen Spencer
Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Founders Hall
Christina Steele
Financial Aid Advisor
The Village—Building 3 (Beasley Field)
Christen Stephens
Instructional Design Technician
Waters Hall S-202
Cathy Stephenson
Testing Center Assistant
University Testing Center
Jon Stephenson
Field Experience and Internship Coordinator
McCain Hall, Room 102
Rodney Stevens
Manager, Redstone Arsenal Center
Redstone Arsenal
Dr. Quanda Stevenson
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Founders Hall, Room 352
Maria Stewart
Transcript Evaluator
Carter Center, Room 106
Joel Stutts
Help Desk Manager
Waters Hall - Room S202
Teresa Suit
Chief of Records
Carter Center, Room 106

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