Senator Melson Funds Upgraded Technology in McCain Hall Conference Room – Athens State University
Senator Tim Melson Visit College of Education

Senator Melson Funds Upgraded Technology in McCain Hall Conference Room

Dateline: July 27, 2018

The conference room in McCain Hall, home to Athens State University’s College of Education, got a technology upgrade thanks to Alabama Senator Tim Melson. After ongoing renovations on campus caused the Admissions Department to move into the building’s basement, McCain’s conference room became the College of Education’s new hub for meetings, interviews, and student collaboration. The prior technology the room was equipped with did not meet the needs of its new, more vital role, and therefore, was in need of an upgrade.

Senator Melson provided the funds for the University to purchase a new oversized flat screen television to use in lieu of the outdated projector system the room was previously equipped with. “Technology is so vital to education today. Being able to help provide modernized technology that eases the communication and interview process for Athens State students and faculty was important to me. I was happy to help,” Senator Melson said. The funds to cover the cost of the upgraded technology were taken from Senator Melson’s discretionary fund for education projects.

With the new technology, the McCain conference room will benefit students and faculty in many ways. Students now have the proper equipment to give presentations and connect to and collaborate with peers beyond the campus via Skype and other video communication mediums. In addition, faculty can meet with small groups of students in this space and hold support sessions for the edTPA program and student Teacher Education Program (TEP) Interview Prep Sessions.