Athenian Ambassadors LogoThe Athenians are the official hosts and hostesses for Athens State University. Members assist with campus events such as Fiddlers Convention, Transfer Orientation Day, commencement, and career fairs. Athenians are chosen through an interview and application process in fall, and they serve through the academic year (fall and spring). They are chosen based on character, appearance, personality, and school record.

To request the Athenians to appear or assist with an event, please complete the Athenian Request Form and return to Beth Rice. All requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to event.

If you are interested in applying to become an ambassador, you must create an account on Athenian Jobs:

Once you are an approved user and have a resume uploaded on Athenian Jobs, you will be able to search and apply for the Athenian Ambassador position.  For help with Athenian Jobs, you may contact Laura Allen at 256-233-8142 or .

For questions about the Athenian Ambassador program, please contact Beth Rice at 256-233-8159 or .

2017-18 Athenian Ambassadors

2017-18 Ambassadors

Front Row (L-R): Alisha Collier, Diandra Matthews, Brittany Locke (Head Athenian)
2nd Row (L-R): Danielle Johnson, Keisha Pearl, Elena Silvar, Lei-Ling Ponter, Lorena Lucas Hernandez, Katie Harris
3rd Row (L-R): Taylor Hamilton, Shea Briscoe, Katie Ikerman, Meagan Kilgo, Justin Long, Connor Bevill

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