Located in the library, the Athens State University Writing Center provides free services to help students at any stage of the writing and communication process. Knowledgeable peer consultants conduct writing center sessions either in face-to-face sessions or online. We offer individual and group tutoring for many types of projects, including essays, research papers, presentations, and digital writing (such as blogs, wikis, & websites).


The Writing Center is located on the first floor of the Athens State University Library in the Learning Commons Area; turn right when you enter the library.


Come for help with brainstorming, invention, arrangement, revision, style, sentence structure, and constructive critiques on your presentations and other multimodal projects (blogs, wikis, websites, etc.).

Face-to-face and Online Tutoring

We provide face-to-face and live online sessions. Face-to-face sessions are preferred, as they offer the most useful way to facilitate communication between the client and consultant. Live online sessions are driven by a “chat” feature quite like instant messaging. Online chat sessions must be scheduled in advance, and students must “show up” online at the scheduled time to keep an appointment. View  instructions on how to Schedule an Appointment. View information on how to Join Your Appointment once it has been scheduled.


The Writing Center is staffed with consultants—students at Athens State—who work with their peers on various academic and professional writing assignments. Consultants engage clients in conversation about their projects, pose questions, and discuss revision strategies; they use a variety of methods—both directive and non-directive—to help clients successfully complete their projects. Consultants do not edit, proofread, or write texts for their peers—although they do have productive, educational ways to discuss grammar, editing skills, and proofreading.


Sessions can take many forms. For example:

  • wcwordle-500Understanding an assignment prompt
  • Developing research questions
  • Inventing ideas, brainstorming, and “free writing”
  • Planning and developing a draft
  • Creating a timeline for a project
  • Finding an “angle” or purpose
  • Developing a project within specific guidelines
  • Using style reference manuals and online resources for citation
  • Understanding academic integrity for communication projects
  • Revising a draft
  • Developing editing habits


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