Cody GibsonCody Gibson
Cody Gibson is a senior at Athens State University, where he is studying to earn his Bachelors of Science degree in Cellular and Developmental Biology with a minor in Human Development. He strives to one day become a physician who specializes in critical care surgery. His journey began at Calhoun Community College, where he earned his certification as an EMT and Advanced-EMT, and later, an Associates of Science Degree. Cody has experience from many diverse fields and has worked as a Nationally Registered Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Set Medic, Lifeguard, Volunteer Firefighter, Instructor, Tutor, Researcher/Consultant, and Cook. He is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society and is currently employed at Calhoun Community College. His hobbies include teaching, radio communication as a licensed amateur radio operator, participating in mission trips to Uganda, coordinating blood drives, spending time with friends and family, fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, and helping others.

Hanah SimsHannah Sims

Hanah Sims is a junior who is working towards earning her Bachelor of Arts in English/Language Arts with a minor in Secondary Education. She is well-known in her circle of peers for her love of literary references and passion for the written word. She hopes to one day influence young adults to approach literature with an open mind and heart. She enjoys reading a variety of literature, including the classics, poetry, and short stories, and she has also dabbled in penning some short fiction of her own. Hanah strives to use her own experience and knowledge of the writing process to aid others in discovering their writing capabilities and talents.

Lauren ReynoldsLauren Reynolds

Lauren Reynolds is working on a double major in Graphic Design and English with a minor in Marketing. Her goals are to continue her education and work towards a master’s degree and hopefully, one day, a Ph.D. Lauren is creative and loves to read and write. She hopes to help the students who come to the Writing Center find a love of writing, while also making the writing process easier and more engaging. By focusing on each student’s needs, she attempts to make each appointment unique to the student.

Marnie TaborMarnie Tabor

Marnie Tabor is a senior; she is majoring in Biology with a double minor in Marine Science and Human Development. As a native to north Alabama, she has spent numerous hours in the great outdoors exploring creeks, rivers, caves, wooded areas and hillsides. In addition to her love for local flora and fauna, Marnie has a heart for the ocean. She has spent the last 10 years visiting and exploring the Alabama coast on Dauphin Island. Along with nature studies, Marnie also enjoys writing in her journal, reading nonfiction (especially psychology subjects), and helping others. As a consultant, it is her goal to help students gain knowledge and confidence with their writing assignments so they can achieve the academic success they desire. She is patient and understanding with the struggle that students face and strives to help them overcome their writing anxieties and have positive attitudes towards their projects.

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