Writing Center Contest


Thank you to all of the contestants for your creative and inspiring submissions to the Writing Center contest. Your entries and the judges’ hard work coalesced to allow a productive discussion about the Writing Center and its role in promoting writing and communication across campus.

Here are the winners and honorable mentions for the awarded categories:

Winner: Rename the Center—Brittany Locke
Honorable Mention: Rename the Center—Brianne Cornett

Winner: Vision Statement—Cassie Rogers

Winner: Create a Tagline—Brianne Cornett
Honorable Mention: Create a Tagline—Rachel Greathouse

Winner: Multimodal Submission—Brianne Cornett
Honorable Mention: Multimodal Submission—Elayne Patton
Honorable Mention: Multimodal Submission—L. Renee Thomas

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