STEP ONE: REGISTER (first-time visitors only; others skip to next step). If this will be your first visit to the Writing Center, you must register with the Online Scheduler. On the WRITING CENTER HOMEPAGE,
CLICK ON “FIRST TIME APPOINTMENTS”. Complete the required fields and click “REGISTER.” You may choose your own password.

Return to the WRITING CENTER HOMEPAGE and LOG IN with your Athens State email and the password that you created. You will then see a screen with dates, times, and the names of consultants who can meet with you.

To schedule an appointment, click on any white box and wait for a new window to “pop up.”

The popup window will allow you to schedule your session. Face-to-face sessions are recommended and can be scheduled for 30 minutes or one hour. All online appointments must be scheduled for one hour to account for technical issues, but you are welcome to use less of that time if your session finishes early. All online appointments are “synchronous”—you meet with the person in real time with instant messaging rather than sending email messages back and forth. Click SAVE APPOINTMENT when all required fields are complete and you are ready to schedule the appointment.

STEP FOUR: ATTACH A FILE (recommended).
There are two ways to attach a file for your appointment.

  1. Right after you schedule your appointment, a confirmation window will appear that tells you that you successfully made an appointment. (Most people close the confirmation window without noticing the link.) To attach a file, click on the small link in the pop-up.
  2. Another way to attach a file is to click the yellow folder icon on the top, left-hand side of the Online Schedule screen. This option will allow you to attach a file to any appointment you have made (make sure you are logged in to the system first). Including an attachment is not required, but it may improve the quality of your session. The consultant will review your file before you arrive if there is time, but he or she may not always have time to read it before your appointment.

3. After clicking on the yellow folder icon, another pop up box will appear. Follow the instructions.


See Join Your Appointment for information on how to ensure you’re ready for your session.