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  • Depend on Dropbox

    By Nickie Fanning This semester I am writing my capstone, which is a long process and requires a page count that is almost scary. Like many people out there, I don’t always get to use the same computer to work on this project. I started out backing everything up on a flash drive, but then [...]

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  • Back It Up!

    After returning from the holiday break, I walked into the Writing Center, sat down at the Writing Center consultants’ computer, and turned it on. I was in search of some documents that we had saved in a folder on the desktop. After typing the login credentials, I waited patiently as the screen with the Windows [...]

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  • Return to Writing: A Non-traditional Student’s Take on Re-learning the Writing Process

    By Bridgette Pylant Some of the more difficult situations we encounter at The Writing Center relate to students who are returning to school after a long absence or who haven’t written a paper in many years.   As a non-traditional student myself,  I remember well the fear of attempting to write my first college essay after  [...]

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  • Lessons from Caddyshack

    When Rodney Dangerfield was filming Caddyshack, he was often frustrated when the other actors and crew didn’t laugh at his jokes while filming scenes. Caddyshack was his first comedy film, and after a lifetime of stand-up comedy he was used to knowing if he was doing well by the audience’s laughter. He thought he was doing terribly, when [...]

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  • Breaking Through Writer’s Block

    All writers encounter it from time to time, they sit mindlessly in front of the keyboard or at the table with pencil in hand waiting for the next word to pop into the forefront of a jumbled mass of what they are sure is absolutely beautiful prose.  If only they could unlock it. Writer’s Block.  [...]

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  • How to Avoid Procrastination and Increase Satisfaction in Your Writing: 7 Findings from a Research Study

    In an article published in The Writing Center Journal in 2002, Barbara A. Fritzsche and Beth Rapp Young presented findings suggesting that Writing Center visits were likely to help writers to procrastinate less in their writing process and that writers’ overall levels of satisfaction in their writing would be higher. Time management is a critical [...]

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  • The Paramedic Method and the Redundancy Department: A Lesson in Clarity and Style

      In his book, Revising Prose, Richard Lanham developed a method for sentence revision that can work wonders at making professional writing more clear for readers. The Purdue OWL has a nice overview of this method: click here to see it. In this post, I briefly illustrate the value of revising wordy sentences (something most writers [...]

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  • New QR Code Stickers

    The Writing Center at Athens State has recently added QR-code stickers for the Athens State community to easily access the Writing Center from mobile devices. Students who are registered with the Writing Center online can already access the schedule and manage appointments on-the-go, but the QR code is an easy way to keep the Writing [...]

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  • You Get out of It What You Put into It

    As the summer semester passes by and students everywhere celebrate the end of finals with Netflix marathons, I say my goodbyes to the Writing Center. I have been a writing consultant at the Athens State Writing Center for roughly two years, and within those two years I have worked with many students on many projects [...]

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  • Learning to “See Again”

    When we think of revision, we tend to think of it as a part of the linear process we were taught when learning to write in middle school.  It comes near the end, after we write a draft and before turning in the paper, and involves making small changes to perfect the writing.  Unfortunately, as [...]

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