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  • New QR Code Stickers

    The Writing Center at Athens State has recently added QR-code stickers for the Athens State community to easily access the Writing Center from mobile devices. Students who are registered with the Writing Center online can already access the schedule and manage appointments on-the-go, but the QR code is an easy way to keep the Writing [...]

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  • You Get out of It What You Put into It

    As the summer semester passes by and students everywhere celebrate the end of finals with Netflix marathons, I say my goodbyes to the Writing Center. I have been a writing consultant at the Athens State Writing Center for roughly two years, and within those two years I have worked with many students on many projects [...]

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  • Learning to “See Again”

    When we think of revision, we tend to think of it as a part of the linear process we were taught when learning to write in middle school.  It comes near the end, after we write a draft and before turning in the paper, and involves making small changes to perfect the writing.  Unfortunately, as [...]

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  • What Is an Essay?

    An essay is an essay is… an essay? Not quite. I’m not talking about heady questions of what is an essay, questions which would lead us into the metaphysical qualities of essay-hood and which would be much too complex for a single blog post. Rather, I’d like to briefly delve into the different writing expectations [...]

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  • Who Has the Time?

    I admire Mick Jagger, who can belt out the words “Time is on my Side” without a hint of sarcasm. Many students who attend Athens State juggle full-time jobs and often have a spouse and children at home; they take on as many classes as their busy schedules allow and somehow manage to turn in [...]

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  • 5 Reasons to Visit the Writing Center

    Printing assignments and getting Keurig coffee shouldn’t be the only reason you visit the Athens State library. Amidst the new Learning Commons is the spacious, and sometimes overlooked, Writing Center. Here are a few reasons to come visit us that may get your fingers moving in the right direction to schedule an appointment: We can [...]

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  • Contest Winners 2012-13

    Athens State University’s Writing Center announced its first annual writing contest during the academic year 2012-13. The contest focused on the term voice. The call for submissions asked writers to consider the way voice is developed in their own writing, both inside and outside of school. The call also encouraged writing from various perspectives—from writing [...]

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  • Athens State University Announces Weekly Writer’s Group

    ATHENS, Ala. – Athens State University’s Writing Center has organized a gathering for those who have ever wanted to start a blog, write an award-winning novel, or simply learn how to get published.              The Athens State University Weekly Writer’s Group was created for and about those who share a common interest in creating the [...]

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Come and Visit!

The Athens State University Writing Center is located on the first floor of the library--in the new learning commons area! The Writing Center's mission is to serve Athens State students as writers, both in-person and online.

300 N Beaty St, Athens, AL 35611