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5 Reasons to Visit the Writing Center

Printing assignments and getting Keurig coffee shouldn’t be the only reason you visit the Athens State library. Amidst the new Learning Commons is the spacious, and sometimes overlooked, Writing Center. Here are a few reasons to come visit us that may get your fingers moving in the right direction to schedule an appointment:

We can do more for you than spellcheck can. Spell check can’t tell you why you do or don’t need a comma in a certain place, or how to rearrange a paragraph to clarify the writing for the reader. Although we can catch what spellcheck may have missed, we are tutors who are genuinely interested in more than just grammar or punctuation errors in your papers.

There’s always an open ear at the Writing Center.  Maybe you want to discuss how to start your introduction.  Maybe you want to talk about your ideas for a topic. Maybe you want to talk about yourself! Whatever is on your cranium besides the writing, we’re here to hear you out, and love to converse as long as it doesn’t keep us off the task at hand for too long.

We cater to you and your individual writing needs. People don’t go to the doctor with the same medical problems, neither do students have the same writing issues. We take our time going over your work and take your writing concerns seriously. We’ll work with you as much as needed, as many times as you need it, because multiple visits give us the opportunity to learn your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. We give practical tips and suggestions that can not only improve the paper as a whole, but improve your writing skills as well.

Your visits help us become better tutors. While we all feel more comfortable working with someone in the same discipline as ourselves, sometimes a different perspective could be useful. Working with students in other disciplines that differ from our own gives us, the tutors, the chance to learn about a new subject, so it will no longer be foreign to us. It also enhances our ability to work with students of that same discipline in the future.

A lot of things in life come at a cost to you, but visiting us in the Writing Center will not cost you a penny out of your pocket. You can schedule appointments in the morning, afternoon, and some evenings. On top of that, your appointment can be face-to-face or online through e-tutor and e-chat (now with video chat capabilities). This is a huge deal for students who are distance learners, employed full-time, or just have busy home lives and can’t meet in person at the library.

Our goal here in the Writing Center is simple: Make better writers. We are here to help you with any of your writing concerns or needs, so why not schedule an appointment today?

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Come and Visit!

The Athens State University Writing Center is located on the first floor of the library--in the new learning commons area! The Writing Center's mission is to serve Athens State students as writers, both in-person and online.

300 N Beaty St, Athens, AL 35611