Appointed/Elected University Committees

University committees serve a wide variety of functions at Athens State University and vary in terms of their mission, membership, and representative term length. Some committees serve in a long-term advisory capacity while others convene for a short time to focus upon clearly identified tasks. Committees are typically comprised of members from the faculty, staff, and student communities; the respective Senates – Faculty and Staff – nominate individuals to serve and forward their nominees to the appropriate individual for final selection.

Juliana Cislo, Chair & Recorder

Charter: Serve as compliance committee for Americans with Disabilities Act.


Crystal Creekmore, Chair
Kim Braden, Recorder

Charter: Review admissions, policies and procedures and student applications.

For privacy purposes, minutes from this committee are confidential and maintained with the recorder of the committee.

Crystal Creekmore, Chair & Kim Braden, Recorder

Charter: The Banner Operations Committee (BOC) is to assure optimum use of and benefit from the Banner system for all users: students, administration, faculty, staff, alumni and the public. This group is also responsible for reviewing, researching, approving, testing, and implementing best practice processes to insure they are in align with policies and procedures.


Mike McCoy, Chair & Barbara Ferguson, Recorder

Charter: Conduct annual, open budget hearings, and provide recommendations to the President’s Cabinet accordingly. The BAC will operate in an advisory and recommendation mode only.


Mike McCoy, Chair & Penny Pitts, Recorder

Charter: To develop a process to benchmark Athens State University salaries to other peer universities utilizing national salary surveys and to study and make recommendations regarding personnel policies affecting compensation, performance evaluation and employee benefits.


Joe Delap, Chair

Charter: Provides oversight and expert assistance with campus-wide assessment and program review activities and coordinate planning and reporting deadlines.


Debra Vaughn, Presiding Officer

Charter:  The purpose of the Faculty Senate is to aid Athens State University in making judgments on questions of policy, development, and operations and thereby to assist the University in its continuing quest for excellence.


Academic Affairs
Charles Roberts, Chair & Recorder

Charter: The Academic Affairs Committee shall serve as the Faculty’s primary entity to evaluate and make recommendations about academic issues that are under consideration by the Faculty Senate. The committee shall study issues and may recommend policies concerning academic programs and practices. It shall work to improve the quality of academic services rendered by the University, including teaching and learning, admission and retention, academic advising, academic sanctions and academic awards such as scholarships. It shall develop and monitor a program to generate information necessary for objective assessments of degree programs.


Derek Newland, Chair & Reporter

Charter: The Curriculum Committee is to review all curriculum proposals for addition or deletion of courses, changes in degree requirements, and changes in course descriptions for existing courses prior to these changes becoming policy.


Faculty Affairs
James Gadberry, Chair & Susan Owen, Recorder

Charter: The Faculty Affairs Committee charge is to review and make recommendations concerning policies related to faculty employment and the welfare of the faculty.


Faculty Elections
Katia Mayfield, Chair & Recorder

Charter: The Elections Committee is responsible for conducting elections, such as elections for faculty senate, the Presiding Officer (P.O.), and members of the Tenure and Promotion Committee. They may be asked to assist in other elections of the faculty.


Learning Resource
Tina Sloan, Chair & Jeff Blankenship, Recorder

Charter: The Learning Resources Committee reports to the Faculty Senate and is responsible for making recommendations to assist the library director in the planning and evaluating of library services and information literacy programs that support the curriculum and research of the University.


Sabbatical Review Committee

The Sabbatical Review Committee will be a sub-committee of the Faculty Affairs standing committee of the Faculty Senate, and the membership will be elected each year with the election facilitated by the Faculty Senate Elections Committee.  The Committee will be comprised of six (6) full-time, tenured faculty members (two from each College).  The Committee will elect its own chair from the membership and report its activities to the Faculty Senate.

Sara Love, Chair & Molly Pepper, Recorder

Charter: Conduct historical research on campus buildings. Coordinate historical renovation efforts.


Debbie Keiley, Chair & Sara Cline, Administrator

Charter: To review all projects involving human subjects in accordance with federal guidelines.

For privacy purposes, minutes from this committee are confidential and maintained with the recorder of the committee.

Chris Latham, Chair & Lauren Blacklidge, Recorder

Charter: To allocate money from the Livingston Concert/Lecture series budget for speakers or performers that will enrich, enlighten, and educate the Athens State Community.


Suzanne Sims, Chair & Recorder

Charter: Review the nominations for Meritorious Recognition Awards and identify all recommendations that meet the criteria. Compile a list of recommended awardees and forward list to the President’s Office.


Chair: Dr. Katia Maxwell



Barbara Ferguson, Chair
Julie Martin, Recorder

This is the Committee formerly referred to as the Health Safety Committee.

Charter: Develop an Enterprise Risk Management program which includes the following objectives: (a) identify risks, (b) evaluate, measure and prioritize risks, (c) take appropriate actions to control or respond to risks and (d) monitor, evaluate and report/record the effectiveness of risk controls. The committee will continue to focus on addressing campus health and safety issues to ensure that the University maintains a safe and secure campus environment.



2-10-16 (Health & Safety)

Mitchell Bazzel, Chair & Recorder

Charter: Sets policy for, reviews applications form, and awards academic scholarships on an annual basis. Reviews and recommends applications for program enhancement scholarship. Reviews financial aid policy and hears student appeals for reinstatement of aid on an exception basis.

For privacy purposes, minutes from this committee are confidential and maintained with the recorder of the committee.

Suzanne Sims, Chair & Recorder

Charter: Provide information about the sick leave policy and coordinate the activity of the sick leave bank.

The Sick Leave Bank Committee meets as needed.

President Phillip Way, Chair & Pam Clark, Recorder

Charter: Responsible for developing the master strategic plan that will guide decision-making.


Bethany Campbell, Presiding Officer & Debbie Wilson, Recorder

Charter: Represent non-faculty employees of Athens State University, hereafter referred to as Staff. Serve in advisory capacity to the President of the University with respect to matters pertaining to Staff of the University. Provide a means of communication to Staff of the University. To provide a forum for all Staff of the University.


Mark Gale, Chair
Kim Roberts, Recorder

Charter: To review and recommend academic and administrative technology resources required to support the mission of Athens State University.










Debbie Ferguson, Chair
Bebe Shaw, Recorder

Charter: The UFTPC will review each portfolio and will provide individual College Deans and/or the Library Director with a written evaluation of each applicant.

For privacy purposes, minutes from this committee are confidential and maintained with the recorder of the committee.

Kelton Riley, Chair & Beth Lynn Sanders, Recorder

Charter: To cultivate a University climate where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and where all sexual and gender minorities are free to thrive academically, professionally and personally.