Early Childhood and Elementary Studies

The Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Studies, comprised of full-time and adjunct faculty with diverse and accomplished backgrounds, teaching experiences, awards, honors, and research interests, is dedicated to preparing future educators of children. Recognizing the significance of having well-prepared, competent, and caring individuals to educate children in an ever-changing world, the faculty actively seeks, conducts, and applies research-based instruction in the preparation of future teachers for their subsequent professions. This instruction is rooted in having our graduates ready to actively practice and pursue student-centered learning, disciplinary knowledge, professional knowledge, and socially responsible citizenship in their future professions.

The department specializes in preparing future educators pursuing degrees and certification in Elementary K-6 Education or Early Childhood Education P-3 and collaborates with the Department of Secondary and Collaborative Studies to prepare future educators in fulfilling the Elementary/Collaborative K-6 degree. The department collaborates with the Department of Professional Studies in Education preparing teacher candidates seeking a non-certification degree in Technical Education: Early Instructor Option. Department faculty members also advise and guide future educators in the possible fulfillment of minors or certificates to accompany chosen majors.

Faculty making up the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Studies consistently model and practice the very attributes they work to develop in our teacher candidates into prepared educators, fully empowered to educate future generations of individuals.