What is edTPA and how will the requirements affect teacher certification?

What is edTPA?

The edTPA is intended to be used as a summative assessment given at the end of an educator preparation program for program completion or teacher licensure. This initiative – adopted by the Alabama State Department of Education – complements Alabama’s PLAN 2020 goal of ensuring that every child is taught by a well-prepared, resourced, supported, and effective teacher.

What is the focus of edTPA?

The edTPA focuses on three tasks: planning, instruction, and assessment.

When is edTPA consequential (fully implemented)?

Beginning Fall 2018 and forward, all teacher candidates will be required to submit an official edTPA portfolio during their Internship; an AL State Department of Education approved passing score will be required in order to receive licensure and certification.

Will Internship change?

During the Internship, you will be required to not only successfully complete Athens State assignments, but also, submit an official edTPA portfolio to an outside scoring agency. The evidence consists of artifacts (authentic work, videos) that document how you planned/implemented instruction and commentaries (writing) that explain your plans and what is seen in the video recordings. Successful completion of course assignments, as well as, passing scores as approved by the Alabama State Department of Education on the edTPA portfolio are required in order to complete the Internship course and to acquire licensure. The Internship course(s) includes an edTPA submission fee which is subject to the ASU Refund Policy (Review the Refund Policy at http://www.athens.edu/student-accounts/refund-policy/ )

What can I expect from my Cooperating Teacher?

Your Cooperating Teacher CAN:

  1. guide discussions with the teacher candidate about edTPA tasks and grading rubrics
  2. ask probing questions about the teacher candidate’s edTPA responses or video recordings.

Your Cooperating Teacher CANNOT:

  1. edit a candidate’s official materials prior to submission
  2. offer critiques of candidate’s responses
  3. instruct candidate on which video clips to select