Students seeking a degree that leads to certification in the College of Education program, or in a College of Arts and Sciences program with a minor in Education, are required to submit a current negative tuberculosis skin (TB) test to the Teacher Education Services Department prior to submitting a field experience application. (Negative TB Skin tests are current for 3 years effective from the date read.)

Students may fax, scan, attach as an email, or mail a copy to the Certification Office to the attention of Ms. Sharron Woods.

Mrs. Sharron Woods
Office: 256-216-6602
Fax: 256-216-6602

Mailing Address
Athens State University
College of Education
Attention: Mrs. Sharron Woods
300 N. Beaty Street
Athens, AL 35611

Documentation of a negative TB skin test must be sent to the Certification Office in order to successfully submit an online field experience application for courses requiring field experience.