Alabama Science in Motion

Alabama Science in Motion

Alabama Science in Motion at Athens State

In May of 1994, the Alabama State Legislature appropriated 1.97 million dollars to establish the Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM) program to provide significant laboratory experiences for all students enrolled in high school biology, chemistry, and physics classes. There are now eleven ASIM sites in Alabama and each is housed at one of the eleven regional in-service centers throughout the state.

The Athens State ASIM site has three specialists and three vans (one each for biology, chemistry, and physics) and each van is equipped with over $90,000 worth of state-of-the-art equipment. The vans are driven by specialists who are certified science teachers with extensive classroom experience.

Goals of Project

  • To increase student interest and participation in science courses and science careers.
  • To ensure equal opportunity to learn for rural and poorer school systems in Alabama by providing access to modern technology.
  • To enhance science teacher’s ability to provide challenging and stimulating instruction to all students through curriculum development and staff development opportunities.
  • To establish a teacher network among high school science teachers and between high school teachers and Athens State University faculty.