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Access Athens

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Athens State University is pleased to offer a new, more affordable way to access textbooks and other course material. The “Access Athens” program is designed to provide instant digital access to course material at a reduced rate, helping you succeed in your course from the very beginning!

Reduces the cost of required textbooks and other course materials


If you are enrolled in a participating course, you will automatically be enrolled in the “Access Athens” program.

The Athens State University Business Office will send an email to your Athens State email address with the cost of textbook/course materials. These charges will automatically be applied to your student account.

(No charges are applied if the course is dropped by the end of the Add/Drop period.)

If you choose to opt-out of the “Access Athens” program and purchase your textbook/course materials elsewhere, please email ude.s1566290801nehta1566290801@ecif1566290801fo.ss1566290801enisu1566290801b1566290801 by the end of the last day of the Late Registration/Drop/Add period.

Once the course begins, you will be provided with the digital course material that can be viewed online, and you can download it to your computer, tablet, or smartphone for offline viewing.

If you would like a print copy in addition to the digital book, please contact the Campus Bookstore for low-cost print versions.