Benefits of Joint Admissions

A Joint Admissions student will benefit from collaborative academic advising with Athens State Student Success Coaches in his/her intended major(s). This allows you to make the most efficient use of time and tuition dollars by taking courses that work for your community college degree and your Athens State bachelor’s degree. You can earn both degrees in less time and save on the costs of higher education.

When admitted as a Joint Admissions student, your catalog term and general education requirements are set. This includes courses specific to your major and general education requirements. Your Athens State Student Success Coach will play a crucial role in assisting you with your degree plan. Remember to make an advising appointment with a Athens State Student Success Coach early and meet with them often.

As a Joint Admissions student, you will benefit from the services of both your current institution and Athens State University. These services include financial aid advising, career counseling, Student Organizations and Activities, and library facilities.

As a Joint Admissions student, you will be considered for transfer scholarships through Athens State University.  The most up to date scholarship information can be found on our scholarship website.

With your Athens State University student ID, you can attend many campus activities and cultural events at a reduced price or free of charge.