Student Advising for Criminal Justice Students

Advising for Criminal Justice Students

Spring and Summer 2019 Advising
By Appointments only (email Dr. Stevenson to setup appointments)

**Students will start receiving emails regarding advising information starting October 22, 2018. Check your previous advising information and use this information until you receive and updated advising information. Students are to use the suggested courses for each semester listed and register for those courses per your Degree Works information.





October 30, 2018
October 31, 2018

1 pm to 3 pm or by appointment
2 pm to 3 pm or by appointment


November 5, 2018
November 6, 2018

1 pm to 3 pm or by appointment
1 pm to 2 pm or by appointment

Visit the criminal justice web page at, academic programs/program of study tab, College of Arts and Sciences, go to criminal justice or juvenile justice option and view the course requirements, CJSA, internship information and more.  Check the course offerings/class lists and descriptions on-line at, go to Academics tab, toggle to class schedules, select the semester and then search for the course; read the class description and requirements.

Please contact: Dr. Quanda Stevenson
352 Founders Hall

*New policy: Students should register for courses preferably before the first week of classes and no later than the first week of classes. Students may drop/add courses during the first week of classes in the fall and spring semesters and published drop/add period for summer. Students are not allowed to add a course after the second week of classes.

**Internship Packets are ready for those of you want to complete an internship packet See Dr. QStevenson for internship packet or download a packet by clicking here.

***Reminder: Internship and Senior Research (CJ 465 and CJ 464 are only offered during Spring and Fall semesters). Students must complete the first assignment required in each course for attendance verification and reporting during the first week.