Student Association

As a criminal justice and political science, student-led organization, CJSA is comprised of undergraduate students. CJSA is an active component of the Government and Public Administration Department. Students who become members of this student organization learn more about the criminal justice field. They also gain valuable experience and information through a variety of academic programs, events, conferences, and other activities. Students receive opportunities to participate in community service and research projects, interact with faculty and practitioners in the field, and gain access to academic and career resources.

CJSA was introduced and created during the 2012 spring semester at ASU. This student organization is experiencing continued student enrollment and growth. In fact, CJSA participated in the CJ Spring Symposium which hosted a variety of guest speakers, such as, Jeremiah Hodges, ESQ. of Hodges Trial Lawyers, P.C. and Mrs. Angela Henderson, Coordinator of Calhoun Community College’s API and Job Readiness Program. CJSA will provide Halloween Candy and Safety Tips to 4th graders attending Athens Elementary School. CJSA will also host a Voter Registration Drive along with several other community service projects planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

CJSA Membership is for students with a major or minor in criminal justice or political science. Currently, the member dues are $5 per year. If you are interested in joining complete the application.

By-laws for the Student Association.

When you complete the application form you can bring the form to 352 Founders’ Hall or fax the form to Dr. Quanda Stevenson, faculty advisor and criminal justice program director along with the $5.00 membership cost. You can also bring the application to 352 Founders’ Hall and/or contact your student representatives: Nancy Pina and Elizabeth Becerria. If you are interested in becoming a member, or would like more information about the organization, feel free to contact one of the following officers:

Nancy Pina

Elizabeth Becerria


Vice President


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