Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies major is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences but does not fall under any specific academic department. The program is based on an interdisciplinary approach that allows students the flexibility to develop their own unique program of study by taking courses from any one of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, or Education. Primarily, the program serves the needs of those students seeking to enrich and to satisfy their personal educational goals through non-specialized collegiate study. The curriculum is structured to produce graduates who possess a diverse range of coursework appropriate to any career that demands a college education but is not closely linked to any particular field of study. Program graduates have the skills and competencies to pursue further studies or seek employment.

While generally no specified major courses are required for the Liberal Studies major, the student must comply with all requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree and applicable university requirements (See General University Requirements). Students will be required to select and pass a capstone course of their choice from one of the disciplines offered by the University. Students should make this decision based on advice from the Liberal Studies advisor.

The following limitations apply to the Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies:

  • Liberal Studies may not be considered as a minor to any other degree program.
  • Liberal Studies may not be considered as a second major with any other degree program.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies degree will be awarded only to students who have not declared a major in another program of study.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies degree will not be awarded concurrently with any other major.


Dr. Debra Baird


Bachelor of Science


Program Objectives & Outcomes