“Preparing for Life…Making a Difference”

Athens State University is a baccalaureate degree granting institution offering coursework only at the junior and senior level. The study of Religion has held a central place at this University for almost a century. The Religion major was initiated in 1938 and continues the long tradition of preparing students for their chosen vocations into this new century. We look to the future with great anticipation as we expand our course offerings to new sites.

The Religious Studies and Ethics program of study offers courses in theology, world religions, religious ethics, religious history, religion and culture, biblical studies, and religious education. We are committed to making the religion degree available for those students whose jobs or other circumstances make it difficult or impossible for them to travel to our campus. It is for this reason that we developed and continue to develop our distance learning courses so that we can make it available to anyone who wants to study the fertile field of religion.

Program Contact

Dr. Tony Moyers

Dr. Robbie White

Dr. Debra Baird

Beth Lynn Sanders

Degrees, Minors or Certificates Offered

Bachelor of Arts
Religion Minor
Religious Education Minor