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The Spring 2024 Semester Starts January 8, 2024

We’re now accepting applications for the Spring 2024 semester!

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    About Our Biology Programs

    Are you fascinated by the complexity and diversity of life on our planet? Do you have a passion for science and a desire to understand how organisms function and interact with their environment? If so, then our Biology degree options may be the perfect fit for you.

    Athens State University offers comprehensive Biology degree options that will provide you with a deep understanding of the principles of biology and prepare you for a variety of career paths in the field.

    Program Options


    The Biology degree program at Athens State University provides a supportive and inclusive environment for incoming students who wish to expand their understanding of biology’s fundamental concepts, the process of science, and improve their discipline-specific professional skills. We expect our graduates to use the foundation they have built at Athens State University to further their careers, enhance their personal lives, and contribute to society via ethical research, science education, healthcare, environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

    Degree Option: Biology – Bioinformatics

    The Biology – Bioinformatics degree option provides students with knowledge and skills that will give them the ability to relate to, modify, and code minor computer programs involved in the analysis and interpretation of biological datasets. 

    Degree Option: Biology – Cellular & Developmental

    The Biology – Cellular & Developmental degree option is designed particularly for students interested in continuing in fields associated with Cell and Development, including those interested in working in research labs or applying to graduate school or professional school.

    Degree Option: Biology – Ecology & Organismal

    The Biology – Ecology & Organismal degree option is designed particularly for students interested in continuing in fields associated with Ecology and Organismal Biology, including those interested in working as an environmental or field biologist, in field research, or applying to graduate school in ecology, environmental science, wildlife biology, or forestry.

    Certificate in Bioinformatics Research

    If you are interested in Bioinformatics and want to expand your knowledge or current degree or specialize in this field of research, consider getting a certificate in Bioinformatics Research. The Certificate in Bioinformatics Research is an 11-12 hour program that will allow you to gain an overview of Bioinformatics and how the skills can be applied.

    Why Choose Athens State for a Biology Degree?

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    Our biology degrees prepare students for a broad array of careers in Biology and will fulfill the requirements for most graduate and professional schools in research or pre-health.

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    The Biology degree programs offer flexible, student-centered course delivery that supports core content understanding and encourages experiential learning.

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    As the university with the lowest cost of attendance of all public, state institutions in Alabama, Athens State provides you the best value for your investment.

    Tevin Terry

    “The day that I knew I was passionate about the natural world, I wanted to not only learn more about it, but teach and educate others of its significance. Growing up, Steve Irwin was my hero. I would binge-watch him and Jeff Corwin on Animal Planet nonstop — before binge-watching was even a thing!”

    Tevin T.

    Biology, ’19

    About Athens State University

    Athens State University, the oldest continuously operating higher-education institution in Alabama, is an upper-division university that meets the needs of students often left underserved in other learning environments. We exclusively serve transfer students – whether they’re returning adult learners or younger undergraduate transfers – and provide them with career-focused education that will prepare them to enter the workforce. Our faculty members are uniquely attentive to the needs of both students and employers, and they develop curricula to serve each group equally. Students graduate from Athens State with the confidence to seize control of their careers and find success in their professional endeavors.

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